The Couture Process

1. First Appointment
Please allow  6 – 12 months to truly enjoy the couture experience  – and achieve perfection. However, the time period can be flexible in certain circumstance s and depending on our workload.
The first appointment is the start of the most fantastic and fun experience ever to create your perfect wedding gown.
Appointments/Consultations  when you can try on different designs, discuss materials and styling are available Monday – Friday without obligation. However, since Saturday is our busiest day, appointments/consultations attract  a small fee (£20) which is redeemable against your gown order.
If you wish to have an appointment /consultation with our Director and Top Designer, Sophie, then these are available Wednesday/ Thursday/Friday and some Saturdays.
Although we have our current seasonal collection from which you can choose, be it contemporary, traditional or classic we also have vast experience in creating unique designs for brides. Our bespoke wedding dress design service starts with the wedding dress design sketch. The design draws inspiration from any ideas you may have, together with our best judgement for the shape which will suit your body.  Each design is created individually for each client. We work with you to ensure the wedding dress we create fits in perfectly with your wedding theme, wedding venue, your personal tastes and your body shape.
Whether you choose a dress from the latest season’s collection, or, decide to have a gown designed especially for you, all Elizabeth Todd wedding gowns are handcrafted to the very highest standards and are made in Great Britain.
A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required for each order.
2. Your Wedding Gown Measurement Appointment
You will attend a measuring appointment where an experienced seamstress will see you in a sample dress and take measurements. You might be surprised to learn that in excess of  20 measurements go into creating a couture wedding gown!  These details are critical to ensure the perfect fit . We use these measurements  to create a unique paper dress pattern from which your calico toile is made up.
3. Your Toile Fitting
This calico mock up of your dress will give you a good idea of the look and shape of your wedding gown. You will be expertly fitted to ensure the design and shape is proportionally correct and flattering to your body.  Your paper pattern will be adjusted, if required, prior to the pattern being applied to the proper wedding dress fabric. Sometimes you may need more than one toile fitting to ensure the fit is as accurate as possible.
4. Your Wedding Dress Fittings
After the pattern has been perfected, your dress will be cut and sewn in your chosen material. You may need 3-6 fittings, this ensuring a superb fit and finish resulting in a truly unique dress that will make you look and feel absolutely fantastic on the day of your wedding. We have your final dress fitting 2 weeks before your Wedding day to allow any change in shape and any alterations that we may need to  do.
At Elizabeth Todd we try to create a very caring and friendly experience at our fittings to ensure that you enjoy each visit.